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A Series of Fortunate Tales; Chapter 1- Simple

Photographer: Farhana Alam  Model: Linda Alobeidi 

Small moments during a long hangout session with an old friend, capturing the simplicity of her and in the surrounding.

We befriended each other our freshman year of high school, although our friendship wasn’t set till we realized our mothers were colleagues. After high school graduation, communication was lost for 18 months, till one evening, my sophomore year at GW, she texted me to meet up. As she sat on the couch in my living room, it felt as if not a single second had passed since the last time we hung. The comfort and trust remained as strong as before. 

Come mid- July, I hit her up to meet up. She rolls up to my place in her car, wearing a simple gray “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt, jean shorts, and a string of pearls. That’s all. Yet, she was the most captivating sight around. Her simplicity is her beauty. 


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