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A taste of Latin + Spanish Music!

Culture Staff Writer: Natalie Chevrel

A playlist of the artists featured in the article to listen to as you read:

During this time of uncertainty, I hope you, the reader, have found comfort and gratitude in the small things.

Staying home more regularly than we did before the pandemic gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves and our homes. We can start to change our own world by letting more Love into our lives. Whether that looks like helping our siblings with their homework, caring for our elderly loved ones, helping around the house for our parents, or finding joy within and sharing it with others, Love can radically change our world one small step at a time.

When we feel helpless about the situations around us, we can choose to Love in our own lives. Loving others by sacrificing our time or our wants, for their happiness and wellbeing, should not have to be seen as signs of subordination, weakness, or insecurity. Instead, loving others should be seen as a sign of our compassion, empathy, and strength.

Love rules...after all, how many songs can you name that don’t talk about love in some way? Here are {some!} Latin and Spanish artists that I enjoy listening to! This is a very random list, and none of these are reggaeton songs, but instead mostly rock. Many of these are old but gold!

Celebrating cultures different from your own is a form of Love, too:)

Here is one particular collaborative song that celebrates all Latin and Spanish cultures, and that is perfect for our times, as it is all about having Hope:


Favorite songs:

  • Por primera vez

  • La mitad

  • Vida de rico


Favorite songs:

  • Aprender a quererte

  • Eres tú

  • Acuérdate de mí

Julieta Venegas

Favorite songs:

  • Limón y sal

  • Lento

  • Sueños


Favorite songs:

  • Enamorate

  • Valeria

  • Dosis

Nil Moliner

Favorite songs:

  • Mi religion

  • Soldadito de hierro

  • Bailando

Dani Fernandez

Favorite songs:

  • Disparos

  • Bailemos

  • Te esperaré toda la vida

Carlos Sadness

Favorite songs:

  • Que electricidad

  • Isla morenita

  • Monteperdido


Favorite songs:

  • Mientes

  • Todo cambió

  • Coleccionista de canciones


Favorite songs:

  • Voy a olvidarte

  • Creo en ti

  • Tu mirada

Sin Bandera

Favorite songs:

  • Que lloro

  • Si la ves

  • Suelta mi mano

Ricardo Arjona

Favorite songs:

  • Dime que no

  • Cuándo

  • Minutos

Luis Miguel

Favorite songs:

  • Cuando calienta el sol

  • Ahora te puedes marchar

  • La incondicional

Juan Luis Guerra

Favorite songs:

  • Las avispas

  • La bilirrubina

  • Frío, frío

Franco de Vita

Favorite songs:

  • Tú de que vas

  • Tan solo tú

  • Te amo

Victor Muñoz

Favorite songs:

  • Minutos

  • Tu guardian

  • Si o no

  • Mi felicidad


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