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Best COVID-Safe Coffee Shops in Downtown DC

Culture Staff Writer: Sarah Punjwani

Whether you’re a stressed-out student realizing midterms are around the corner or a busy millennial on your way to work, one thing we call agree on is the need for caffeine -- and Downtown DC is filled with the most amazing COVID safe, and student-friendly coffee shops. From bookstore vibe bakeries to chic coffeehouses, Downtown has you covered. So if you’re looking for a cozy study session with your laptop or a place to chat with friends here are some of the best DC has to offer.

Best spot for morning brunch vibes:


Logan Circle

Slipstream DC is an amazing brunch spot in Downtown DC that serves everything from breakfast items such as avocado toast, to coffees, tea, and cocktails. The concept gives off an aesthetic stress-free environment where family and friends can have a great meal and catch up. Though Slipstream is usually pretty busy indoors due to pandemic precautions only take out and delivery will be carried out.

Best spot for college (cramming) study session:

La Colombe Coffee


La Colombe Coffee offers a wide variety of baked goods and coffee house blends that leaves the room with a lingering scent of deliciousness. Located in Shaw Downtown, La Colombe Coffee is a great place for the student cramming for midterms and finals while the university library is full. Not only does La Colombe serve astounding coffee they also help serve the local community.

Currently, La Colombe is working with to get young people registered to vote in the upcoming election. As of right now, COVID precautions are taken place with restrictive indoor dining.

Best spot for a sweet tooth:

Gong Cha


Though not exactly a coffee shop, still worthy of being on the list. Gong Cha is a delicious bubble tea shop for those with an afternoon sweet tooth. Gong Cha allows you to customize your own bubble tea drink beginning with the sweetness and ending with the topping. Honestly a favorite spot after those one class Friday afternoons. I’d recommend trying the coffee flavor with black pears:)

Best spot for feeling cultured vibes:

Dua Coffee


The first Indonesian specialty coffee shop in the nation’s capital, Dua Coffee gives off cozy up with a book Sunday aesthetic even for being closed on Sundays. Dua’s Indonesian style lattes cost the same as your regular caramel macchiato at Starbucks but will make you want more as their Vanilla Lattes are to die for! Also, the good news is that Dua offers outdoor seating during this time so why not wear a mask and get some work done in a place other than your bed at 2 am!

Best spot for coffee enthusiasts:

The Coffee Bar


This one’s for the “sorry my drink made me late” coffee lovers. The Coffee Bar is one of DC’s finest coffeehouses. Known to locals as TCB, their mission is to serve coffee in a fun and inviting atmosphere. If you are planning on staying in for a bit, TCB outdoor patio seating allows you to soak in the sun while chatting with some friends over drinks. Also would recommend the dirty chia latte!

Best spot for the DC tourists:

Zeke’s Coffee of DC


Zeke’s Coffee of DC is for the ultimate DC tourist experience. Zeke’s offers a limited-time seasonal drink known as the cherry blossom cold brew in the spring right as the blossoms begin to bloom in DC. Another amazing fact is that you can ask your barista what are some fun things to do while your in DC and be given recommendations! Zeke’s is also great for those looking to save some money, most drinks are cheaper than the average Starbucks!

Best spot for the average coffee drinker:

Gregorys Coffee


Gregorys Coffee offers an industrial yet greenhouse aesthetic serving a wide range of coffee flavors in the shop. This space is always buzzing with energy from the creatives who stay in this coffeehouse! Though parking is a bit tricky, do not be discouraged to walk here and try their delicious Nutella cold brew. Also did I mention they deliver!

Enjoy some coffee, stay safe, and wear a mask!


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