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The Team:

The Executive Board:


Editor in Chief: Misaal Irfan 

Managing Editor: Aiza Saeed

Politics Editor: Shariq Farooqi

Misaal is a rising sophomore at George Washington University studying International Affairs and Public Health. When she is not writing extensive papers on foreign policy, she is experimenting with photography and fashion, finding new and upcoming artists in a range of genres, and reading about social justice issues and flexing her Pakistani heritage on social media! She created this platform because she felt there wasn't an open space that allowed all people particularly BIPOC to voice their bold opinions on prevalent issues. 

Aiza is a sophomore studying Medicine and International Affairs at The George Washington University. She is ardent about educating herself and others about global issues and finding ways to help those in need. She also enjoys cooking, photography, music, and meeting people from all over the world. Aiza loves to watch the Superbowl but will never give up the chance to root for Pakistan when watching the Cricket World Cup.

Shariq Farooqi is a Hyderabadi-Pakistani American studying International Affairs and Public Health at GW. He hopes to elevate voices and perspectives that are largely ignored or neglected by mainstream media. He has a keen interest in South Asia, the Middle East, international development, and more. 

Politics Editor: Chaouqui Darouiche

Chaouqui is an Egyptian-american student at the George Washington University studying Philosophy and Political Science. His deepest interests are in expressing himself through creative avenues such as art, collective action, poetry, and film. As a queer Muslim child of immigrants, he wants to highlight both of these experiences with all of his heart. Feel free to send him Newport‘s and  your favorite Erykah Badu song. 


Assistant Politics Editor:

Tony Peeler

Culture Editor: Anuka Upadhye

Tony is a rising sophomore at George Washington University studying international affairs and public health with a concentration in security policy. He enjoys reading foreign policy, traveling & exploring different cultures, and learning about anything related to cars. He is actively involved in social activism and youth politics, through endeavors such as being apart of the first ever black senators’ caucus at GWU. He is passionate about Millennial Brown because it serves as a platform to look at politics, art, and culture through a specific lens, and allows contributors to create meaningful projects that they are passionate about while spreading their own personal message.

Anuka is an incoming sophomore at the George Washington University studying international affairs and philosophy. Anuka is dedicated to law, national security, and environmental issues in the South Asian region and eventually plans to pursue these interests professionally. She decided to join Millennial Brown because she wanted to find a community devoted to uplifting underrepresented voices. Outside of academics, Anuka can be seen watercoloring, reading random philosophy books, playing tennis, and being annoyed by the fact that she only knows how to play songs composed by old white men on the piano.


Assistant Culture Editor:

Prajna Naidoo

Art Director:Katheryn

Huillca- Jara

Prajna Naidoo is a rising sophomore at the George Washington University to pursue and academic career in the intersections of international affairs and psychology. She has a passion for international development and dedicates much of her time to advocating for global issues through effective altruism. As a woman of color who immigrated from South Africa and spent many years in New York City’s melting pot, Prajna understands the importance of cultural knowledge and tolerance as a valuable tool for people to better understand each other. Through this publication she seeks to open up a platform that brings BIPOC together to express their unique ideas and experiences.

Katheryn Huillca is a Peruvian-American student studying neuroscience at the George Washington university. She enjoys going to concerts and having photo shoots with her friends. As an art director, she hopes to create a welcoming space where bipoc are able to showcase their art. 

Politics Team:

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Culture Team:


Art Team: 


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