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Poetry for the Week Ahead

Featured Poets: Haniyah Altaf and Liaa Fernandez

In efforts to provide you with some work that might allow you to meditatively reflect or slow down before we enter into a unique and undoubtedly tumultuous week. This election no matter the results is going to be memorable and stress inducing. The Millennial Brown team wishes you well, encourages you to stay safe, and vote!

Haniyah Altaf is a Pakistani American Muslim student at the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University studying Psychology with an interest in law and politics. She has written two pieces that touch on the cyclic nature of life and the common experience that intertwines children of the Diaspora

Liaa Fernandez is a writer and activist from Metro Manila, Philippines. Currently based in Washington, DC, she is a 2019 alumnus of the International Writing Program’s Between the Lines youth cultural exchange programs.Her writing been profiled in notable publications for Asian-American women, including the Walang Hiya Project and Overachiever Magazine. In May 2020, her work was spotlighted by Maganda Magazine, the United States' oldest Filipino American literary arts journal. In collaboration with renowned artists and academics from around the Filipino diaspora, she has also performed in events with The Digital Sala, the first virtual Filipino American literary arts festival. Follow her on Instagram at @liaa_melissa.


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